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Monday, June 7th at the FJMC biennial convention we have two spots!

9:00 - 10:00 PM EDT Special guest speaker Lea Hochman
For many years, Lea Hochman (nee Zimmerman) kept her painful memories of the Shoah locked inside.  She was born in a small village in Poland called Phorce.
In November 1942, her family was taken, along with the 9 other Jewish Families in that village, to a ghetto in the city of Komarno.  She escaped the ghetto minutes beforeIt was liquidated.
Here story of survival is unusual.  She was able to survive by disguising herself as a Gentile.  “I did my identity, not my body”.  In January 2011, Lea spoke publicly for the first time at a private high school in Toronto.
Since then, she has spoke to many different groups to share her experiences and to spread the message of hope.  Here is a bit more on Lea
Lea is a very much in demand speaker and we are quite honored to have her speak to us both in Yiddish and English about her experience.

Yiddish Bingo!

To attend these session, you will need to register for Convention.
The cost for the convention is $36.00.  Non-FJMC Member Please use discount code yiddishfjmc2021 ($18 discount)
To attend the Yiddish Bingo, a separate registration is needed so we can distribute Bingo cards and assign groups.  Details are still being worked and will advise when complete.
Registration for convention will give you access to all programs.  Here’s a few:
Tal Brody - Israel Ambassador of Goodwill - 12th Pick in 1965 NBA Draft who instead played professionally in Israel
Rabbi Sharon Brous- Senior & Found Rabbi at IKAR in Los Angeles, one of the most influential congregations in the US
Yodeah: BRCA Gene and Saving lives: Dr. Liz Etkin-Kramer & Rabbi Laila Hass
Comedian, Shaun Eli
Affinity Groups on: Genealogy, Cooking and Sports
And Much, More - Preview the Schedule
We hope you will join us at our convention